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My First Knitted Bag!

Buttonhole Bag

This is The Buttonhole Bag from Mason-Dixon Knitting. It was actually a very fun and quick knit! I started it last Tuesday in the Colorful Yarns class, and I finished it in the 2nd class a week later.

I still need to felt it, which I plan on doing today. I’ll post a picture later :) Although I somehow started knitting wrong, so the bottom ridge is actually on the outside instead of the inside, I like how this bag turned out. I already want to knit another one! I may try to make the next one a little bigger.


The VAST concert last night was awesome! They played a lot of great songs, both old and new, and even did “Nights in White Satin”! I’m glad we took today off because it was a late show. It started at 9 PM, but there were 3 opening bands, so we didn’t go until 10 PM. We heard the final band, and then it was VAST. The show ended at 1 AM! Luckily, it was in Boulder, so we didn’t have that far to go to get home.


Ok, I’m off to felt my bag! Wish me luck :)

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