Tuesday Night at Lollicup

Last night I went knitting at Lollicup:

The man standing in the back was with a group who takes Ballroom Dancing! Some of the ladies were knitters so they were looking at the things we were making :)

Lollicup 2

Judy recently got her colors done and decided to bring in some yarn that’s no longer right for her. I hadn’t planned on buying anything from her “Stash-Away” sale, but it was such a great deal that I gave in and got this:


The yarn is Rowanspun DK in the color Sugar Almond. I have 10 skeins (that’s about half my stash)!!! Now I just need to find a nice pattern for some kind of sweater to knit with it :)

Me with Rowanspun

Thanks for the picture, Nachaele! :)

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Night at Lollicup”

  1. What a fun knitting group! If only mine was that big :(

    That yarn looks awesome! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a pattern. You might have trouble deciding on one though!

    Good Luck!


  2. You all made out like bandits with Judy’s yarn!! Tons of DK weight sweaters… Elsebeth Lavold has a bunch, and you can search by gauge. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  3. The Rowanspun DK is great yarn. I love that color too. You’ve got plenty of yardage and then some to make yourself a sweater.


  4. You did good Terrie, I love that yarn you acquired. It is a great color for you. I have Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK and Cathay books that you can peruse in for a pattern!


  5. Well, I just feel obligated to say something since my name and address are already in place! I do like the colors you’re choosing. I feel like I’m listening to your Aunt Pat as she acquires things to do her “stitching” ! Glad I took time to check on what you’re doing. Go, Terrie, on your knitting while Nathan “enjoys” himself in AK!!! Love you!!


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