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Girly Bag is Finished!

On Saturday I finally finished the Girly Bag!

Girly Bag Front

Pattern: Girly Bag by Amy Polcyn *
Started: Saturday, July 8, 2007
Finished: Saturday, August 25, 2007
Yarn: Berroco Bonsai
Color: Japanese Maple (4141)
Needles: Size 8US

Girly Bag Back

The knitting was pretty fast and simple for this bag. My problem came with adding the lining and trying to figure out what to do about the hem. With the help of some friends, I decided that I would hand-stitch the hem to the body of the bag so it wouldn’t lift up when I used the handles. I had this great idea that I would just use some ribbon on the outside of the bag to cover my stitching. I didn’t know how poorly I would do; I couldn’t keep the stitching straight & even! I’ll bring this on Tuesday for anyone who wants to see it, although I’m a bit embarrassed for anyone to look too closely at it :)

Girly Bag Inside

I really like this purple lining. It goes well with the purple ribbon in the yarn.

* I used Berroco Bonsai instead of Berroco Glace. I also put the flower at the bottom of the bag because of the ribbon I added to the top.

3 thoughts on “Girly Bag is Finished!”

  1. I love the bag. And no one will notice anything that you think is wrong with it.

    My grandmother had a great expression that she used for sewing (but is equally appropriate for knitting…)

    “It will never show on a trotting horse.”


  2. This looks absolutely awesome – so cute and beautiful, and I agree with Cathy, no one will notice anything of what you think is wrong or not nicely done. I think it’s perfect the way it is and you can be really proud of it!


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