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…this time by Nachaele to post 8 things that most people don’t know about me.

1. One of my favorite Christmas gifts as a child was a hammer and saw! I think I should have become a carpenter :)

2. I am a perfectionist. This, of course, causes problems for me when I learn how to do something new, yet expect want to do it perfectly the first time!

3. I hate having nothing to do. I used to read my book or do math homework during commercials! I obviously wouldn’t do very well at meditating!

4. I miss the green grass & trees from Wisconsin (although seeing tumbleweed still makes me laugh).

5. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis when I was 12 and Temporomandibular joint disorder around the same time. After a while neither really bother me anymore. Unfortunately, both flared up again in 2000.

6. I was a tomboy growing up.

7. I hate being the center of attention (even if it’s something nice like a party or being praised at work!)

8. In WI, my family had a baseball diamond in our backyard and a shuffleboard court on our driveway. And I love board games :)

6 thoughts on “Tagged Again…”

  1. Now we know. ;-) Thanks for sharing. I miss the green from PA as well. But this time of year when the PA hills are a carpet of color – I have vision cravings – oh, and the smell of those Autumn leaves!


  2. Funny, I sometimes think I should have been a carpenter too…. I love the smell of new wood work,
    and as very young (5-7) I used to hang out at a small furniture factory in our neighborhood, and I loved the smell of the glue (not good…). The furniture carpenters thought it was so awesome that I came there to keep them company, that one of them actually named one of his newborn after me..
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Your 8 are great! I should have put more thought into mine! My favorite present as a child was a Green Machine (large, long big wheel for boys!). I loved that I could beat all of the boys in the neighborhood!! I was a Tom Boy too!! :)


  4. I also don’t sit still well. I think part of my love of knitting stems from this – I feel like I am busy and productive whilst catching up on my fave shows.


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