So, I think I lost my knitting mojo! I haven’t picked up the needles in over a week! I think I’m at the point of starting the sleeves for my Hourglass Sweater, so I really need to get working on that again.

However, I have been keeping busy with something:

This is Paradise. Isn’t she adorable!?! No, she isn’t mine, but Nathan & I are watching her for a couple of weeks. She lives in an apartment a few doors down from us.

I check on her before & after work, and Nathan even checks on her during his lunch! Paradise is really sweet and purrs like crazy when I pick her up. Of course, she’s still a kitten, so after a little while she wants to get down and play!

We’ve also brought her over to our apartment a couple of times.

Unfortunately, Charlie & Kennedy haven’t been too happy about that. Paradise is really interested in them, but if she gets too close they hiss and start to growl. It was pretty funny to watch them last night. Paradise kept running at Charlie, and would stop when she started to hiss. Then Paradise would try to slink closer to Charlie and reach out and touch her. Paradise is getting pretty bold! I would get up and give Paradise something to play with, but she would just run over to Charlie again. Hopefully the cats will be a little more friendly on the next few visits!

13 thoughts on “Paradise”

  1. I’ve never seen a cat like that before! Does it have any hair at all?

    I hope your knitting mojo returns soon… maybe you need some new yarn.


  2. OMGosh! That is THE cutest kitten EVER! She looks hairless, so pretty soft. Leanne up at Knit Knack has that cute hairless dog, and it has the softest skin!

    Lucky! (said in my best Napoleon Dynomite voice…)


  3. Oh, I love hairless cats! My husband has an allergy to our two cats, so once they are gone I would love to get one like Paradise. A cat that doesn’t shed – now that sounds like paradise!


  4. Her and Dina would make a great pair! I hope you mojo comes back soon, I can’t wait to see the hourglass sweater on you.


  5. She is Adorable! She needs a brother named “Dashboard Lights” (obscure meatloaf reference, sorry).

    Maybe your knitting mojo would come back if you knit her a sweater? She looks cold.


  6. She is so adorable and looks so sweet!!! It’s so cute that she wants so badly to be friends with your cats. I hope they decide she’s not so bad soon. :)


  7. oh and all day yesterday i had “paradise kitty” in my head…you’d sing it to the tune of GNR’s “paradise city”.

    perhaps you will now be inflicted with the same problem? :)


  8. She is adorable! Funny Cathy R. referenced Paradise by the Dashboard Lights…I just saw a commercial with Meatloaf and his teenage son singing about a cell phone….to the tune of that song! I, too, want to see you in the hourglass sweater. C’mon MOJO


  9. I have never seen a picture of a hairless kitten…she is cute! Here’s to getting your mojo back~I hope mojo is a good thing!


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