R.I.P. III – Book 1

I finished my first book from the R.I.P. III Challenge this weekend. I really enjoyed the back-story on so many of the characters in Eclipse! I’m kind of sad, because I’m now reading the 4th (and last) book in the Twilight series. After this challenge is over, I’ll have to check out Stephenie Meyer’s other books.

I worked on my sweater a little bit this weekend, but not enough to show you anything new :)

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. III – Book 1”

  1. I’m reading Eclipse right now and I’m with you…I’m so sad when it’s going to be all over. Edward Cullen is like the most perfect character EVER!


  2. Still reading New Moon, loving every moment, hoping that Eclipse will be in the library waiting when I finish. I like Jacob but I want Edward back.


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