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Slight Progress

I finally finished the back of Salina last night!

The bind of was a little weird so I hope I did it right! I guess it looks ok. We’ll see how well I’m able to seam everything together once I finish the front and arms. I hope to start the front tonight, but I also have to go shopping for something to wear to a wedding on Saturday. I’m not sure how much luck I’ll have finding anything. It seems like whenever I go shopping for something specific, I can’t find a thing! Does anyone else have this problem?

Whenever I do get the chance to knit on Salina again, I have this cool new bag to put it in:

Since Stacey went to YarnCon, I asked her get a Piddleloop bag for me. I love it!! I missed it on their Etsy updates, so I’m glad they had more of this fabric available :D

14 thoughts on “Slight Progress”

  1. Salina like her new bag and yes I am totally with you on never finding anything when you’re shopping for it specifically, but if you go with someone else when you don’t want to buy anything well…


  2. go out with the thought in your mind that you will have success. really believe that you will have success….

    the back of salina looks great! can’t wait to see her all finished!


  3. Not slight progress, but rather great progress! And those bags are so nice! I have one thanks to the generosity of Kelly. I wouldn’t have any because shopping on line scares me. You will prevail in finding something nice to wear and have a fun time at the wedding.


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