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Whiskers on Wednesday

This is Charlie drinking water. She doesn’t always do it this way. Sometimes she just does a “test dip”: dip paw, lick off water, then drink water like normal. I’ve never seen Kennedy drink water like this, so I was just curious if anyone else’s cat does this?

Kennedy walked by at the end of the video, which is what Charlie’s looking at as she turns her head :)

>^..^<          >^..^<          >^..^<

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Whiskers on Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday”

  1. A friend of mine has a cat that does exactly that. She has to leave a couple of glasses of water around for the cat to dip into. If the water level gets too low, the cat complains, so it is easier to have several around.


  2. the cat we had while i was growing up did this. i was the only person who ever saw Socks do it, too. that has always been one of the things i’ve missed about him…thanks for rekindling the memories! charlie and kennedy make me smile.


  3. Taffy does that occasionally. Purrcy, on the other hand, goes through phases where he “plays” in the water bowl and splashes out all of the contents all over the kitchen floor. Seriously – I will walk by the kitchen and he will be sitting with his front feet IN the empty water bowl, surrounded by a huge puddle.


  4. So my blog about my cats told me I might be interested in this particular post. And it’s true. I am. Because my cat does the same thing sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes, and I had just posted about it when I clicked over to this video.

    The end, from a random drive-by commenter.


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