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Whiskers on Wednesday

Well, I guess I’m not quite ready for regular posting yet :)

After living in our new house for a month with no couch, we finally found something we like. We also ordered a chair & ottoman to match. I’m not too fond of the pillows that came with the couch so I’m on the lookout for new ones.

Charlie & Kennedy

Whiskers on Wednesday

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Whiskers on Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday”

  1. Your cats look like comfy pillows but I doubt they’d appreciate being used that way. :) You could knit some pillow!


  2. Looks like the kittys like the new couch. :)

    You should knit you some new pillows! Oh, I just saw that Beth said the same thing, he he.


  3. Moving is the pits, so it’s no wonder you’re not back into the swing of things. It always takes me a while too.

    I think the kittehs approve of the couch. lol


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