Enamel Pins

Do You Collect Enamel Pins?

Hi Friends! I wanted to share something a little different today.

Do you like collecting enamel pins? I purchased my first enamel pins in 2019; that same year Nathan went to Denver Comic Con and picked up some fun pins for me, too. I was totally hooked on collecting enamel pins after that! I love to wear pins on my bag and display them in my home office. Some of the first pins I purchased were craft related ones from The Gray Muse. Since then, I’ve collected a variety of pins and I’ve even subscribed to a monthly cat pin club with The Pink Samurai.

Last fall, Nathan and I thought it would be fun to create some designs of our own; from there I registered a business and opened an enamel pin shop called The Ire Rye!

The Ire Rye name came from a brainstorming session; many different names/ideas were considered, but the word combination ‘The Ire Rye’ really stood out. A funny story grew from there, about an anthropomorphic piece of rye bread who escapes a toaster, and he’s obviously pretty annoyed about it.

Currently The Ire Rye has 3 cute pins for sale: a broken heart, a grumpy heart, and a sour apple. These little pins were so fun to design and it was such a treat to actually hold them in my hand!

New enamel pin designs are in the works, as well as some stickers. Please check out the official website! If you’re interested, you can sign up for our newsletter and save 10% on your first purchase!

What kinds of things do you like to collect?