Knitting - FOs

The hat is done…

but will anyone wear it???

I finished the hat last night. Yikes! I had some problems with the DPNs and a few stitches fell off. I thought I put them back on correctly, but I guess not! The top of the hat looked hideous! I had a rather large hole that I wasn’t expecting, so I tried to fix it when I weaved in the end, but that just looked silly. We decided to give it to Charlie, my cat, since she seemed to love the yarn so much as I was knitting! For some reason, it seems like I can knit just fine in a class or with other people, but if I’m by myself, I have all these problems!

On the plus side, the hat did actually fit Nathan, so at least I know I did the measuring/gauge correctly!

I’d still like to knit some hats for the Soaring Eagles Project, but I’ve got to knit them better than last night’s hat!!!