Baby, It’s Cold Outside *

It’s only about 15 degrees today! The kitties decided it wasn’t a good idea to go out:


Charlie (the white cat) usually loves to go out in the snow. She’ll take a few steps and then lick the snow off her paw, then take a few more steps and lick her paw again. She’s so cute! It’s pretty funny when her back paws get too wet because she starts shaking one leg and then the other to get the moisture off.

This is how it looked around 8:30 am.

Snow Storm

I left for work late hoping to avoid some traffic…it didn’t help. It was a very slow drive to work, but luckily there were no accidents (at least going in my direction). Have you ever noticed how the driver’s side of the windshield can never stay as clean as the passenger’s side? I tried washing my windshield as I was driving this morning, but of course my side didn’t work at all while the other side got perfectly clean!

For those of you having to drive in this stuff, be careful! It’s going to get below zero tonight, so I think tomorrow morning’s drive won’t be very good, either.

*My favorite version of this song is by Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark.