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2006 is almost over!

Can you believe it is almost New Year’s Eve?!?! This year has gone by so fast!

We had a wonderful time spending Christmas with Nathan’s family. His nephews (2 and 6) were so cute talking about what Santa had brought and getting excited about all the presents at Na Na’s house.

Nathan gave me this cool Holiday Memory Box from Red Envelope:

Holiday Memory Box

Holiday Memory Box 2

He also gave me this beautiful purse from Beijo!


I had to include an image of my purse and new phone. The color is Cherry Blossom Pink and it’s so cute!

Beijo 2

The color of my purse is more accurate in the first picture. Now I’d love to get a matching wallet!

For the past few years I’ve been collecting the Annual Christmas Ornament by Swarovski:

Swarovski Ornaments

My friend Brian gave me the first ornament in 2001. I decided to start collecting from 2000, since that’s when we moved to Colorado and I first met Nathan. This year Nathan gave me the 2000 ornament, and his mom gave me 2006. The only year I still need to find is 2002 and I will be up to date! :)

Swarovski 00 & 06

Aren’t they just gorgeous?

We got another snow storm on Thursday, and although I stayed home from work on Friday (my car got buried again), it wasn’t quite as bad as last week’s storm.

Snow Chairs

Doesn’t is almost look like someone is sitting there?

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and I wish you all a very safe and happy New Year. See you in 2007!!!