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New Project

I was able to knit a lot on my scarf flying to and from Wisconsin; however, I noticed a few mistakes and I’ve decided to put the scarf on hold for a while. Besides, it’s spring now, and I feel a little silly working on a winter scarf!

So, I’m going to start a new project. Last year I found a link for the Snuggles Project. I thought it was a really great idea, and I’ve been wanting to knit blankets for shelter animals. I finally did a swatch last night for the “Adopt-Me Blanket” pattern from the Knitting for Peace book and I like how it turned out. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a picture of my progress tomorrow.



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I'm Terrie and I enjoy paper crafting, cross stitch, knitting and sewing. I also love animals, reading and spending time outside in nature! When I'm online, you can usually find me on Instagram @starspry

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