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I Guess I Need To Read Instructions

Ok, so here is what I pulled out of the washer on Thursday:

Felted Bag

Holy fuzzy-hair world! Then I thought, wait…was I supposed to rinse in cold water??? So I went back to the pattern and yes, I was supposed to wash in hot water, but rinse in COLD water! Oops. Oh well, yet another reason to make the bag again :)

Well, I continued with the pattern instructions and stuffed it with washcloths and let it air dry. Yesterday I trimmed off the excess fuzz and got this:

Fixed Bag

It does look a bit more like a proper felted bag, although much smaller than the sample in class! On the plus side, you can barely tell that I have the bottom ridge on the outside of the bag :)

Here’s Charlie checking out my bag. She loves bags and yarn, so she’d be very happy if I gave it to her! But, I think I’m going to try adding a lining and use it myself! :)

Charlie & Bag

By the way, the lump in the bed is Kennedy.

1 thought on “I Guess I Need To Read Instructions”

  1. HI, Terrie!
    I just got to your blog! What a cute bag! Sad about the “fluffing”. Try washing it inside out the next time! It looks like a fun project.
    We have a booster antenna by the kitchen sink and we can get Tronnes’ WiFi in the motorhome! We’ll have this until they cut a hole in the shop somewhere for the booster to go.
    I put your website on my desktop – learned this from another website – CAL’S GALLERY PLUS. It is just a lot of nice pictures and pleasant background music put together by someone who is handicapped. I got it from Beth McCulley and looked at just the main page. Didn’t take time to look at the rest, but he explained how to put a shortcut on the desktop. So I did the same with your site. I’m going to put Jon’s blog there, too.
    Have a great week. I’ve never heard of VAST, but I know the song, Nights in White Satin, I think.
    Love, Mom :) :)


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