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Knitting in Progress

Last night I met the Arvada Knitters group at Lollicup. They have a lot of yummy sounding drinks; I tried the Mochablast and it was really good :) I met a few more people in the group, and one even has her own podcast!

I’m still (somewhat slowly) working on the “Easy Shrug”. I’m a bit farther now than this picture shows, and I should be able to separate the sleeves from the body this weekend.


On Monday I finished knitting my 2nd Buttonhole Bag, but I still need to felt it.

Buttonhole Bag

Unfortunately, I still have an issue with the bottom ridge being on the outside of the bag instead of the inside. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I guess I’ll have to make another one and see if I can get it…third time’s the charm, right??? :)

3 thoughts on “Knitting in Progress”

  1. I am glad you had fun at Lolli Cup! They do have a lot of yummy drinks there, I try a new one every time!

    Your caplet is coming along! You will only have to use 3 skeins. I need to pick one color, so I can can use 3 instead of 4!

    Love the button hole bag! I will have to bring mine to show you the next time I see you!

    Hope to see you on Saturday at Knit Knack! I am sure I will be there at noon again!


  2. You have some really beautiful knitting here! The shrug will be so beautiful, what a gorgeous color you’re using for it! And I really love the bag – so cute! Happy Knitting!


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