Saturday a bunch of us went to the Estes Park Wool Market. I rode with Jeni, Michelle and Michaele. Once there we met up with Stacey, Genia, Mary-Kay and Kim.

Estes Park

There was so much stuff to look at! Lots of booths selling beautiful yarn, wool roving, books, kits, etc. One of the coolest things was the Mary Snyder Design booth (website doesn’t look like it’s been updated in quite a while). She had some great jewelry that is actually used as “knitting tools”. Really beautiful stuff! Mary-Kay got some lovely items, and hopefully she’ll post them on her blog :)

Wool Market

Since I’m still fairly new to knitting, I was able to get away with only buying this on Saturday:

Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co.

Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co. (no website) in Pink. It’s really beautiful and I’m excited to start a new project with it!

I’ll leave you with a photo of all of us in Estes:

Group Photo
Thanks for the picture Stacey!