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Ravelry, Yarn & Goodies

Since Nathan had to work yesterday :( I was able to go through my stash and get most of my stuff updated to Ravelry! All I have left to update are my needles and books. Here’s why I’m glad to be on Ravelry now:


Almost all of my knitting stuff is stored in here! Ok, I have 2 knitting bags that are also holding stuff, but this is what happens when you live in a very small apartment and have an even smaller yarn budget!

I did buy some yarn Tuesday night at Knit Knack. This is Berroco Bonsai in Japanese Maple (#4141):

Berroco Bonsai

I plan on using this to make the Girly Bag from MagKnits.

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a while now. Knitting friends are so cool! Nicole brought a bunch of these little bags to our knitting group about a month ago. Isn’t it the cutest little bag? I’m using the Bam Boo to knit some headbands from Knit Picks. I’ll post a picture when I get a littler farther along.

Little Bag

And how adorable it this little sheep? Nachaele brought these 2 weeks ago. Each sheep came with one of her Moo cards!

Moo Card & Sheep

Ever since seeing Stacey’s cards a few months ago, I’ve been wanting to get some, but I didn’t have any good pictures. I think I may have some better pictures now. Maybe I’ll be able to pass out some cards soon, too :)

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