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Dish Cloth

I just realized I never posted this FO. My first dish cloth:

Dish Cloth

Pattern: A simple dish cloth pattern from my mom’s aunt
Started: Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Finished: August ???, 2007 (Of course, I didn’t write it down, and now I don’t remember!)
Yarn: Sugar’n Cream by Lily
Color: Patio Pinks
Needles: Size 8US

This pattern is worked diagonally, as you can see here (scroll down a bit). It looks a little weird where I bound off. I think I may have added an extra row or something. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with this dish cloth, since we use a brush to wash dishes! Oh well, it was a fun little project :)


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  1. give it away! people love them cause they are good on glass.
    i do a dish cloth blitz every mother’s day. i send a stack to my mom, nat’s mom and his 95 year old grandmother. Then they throw away the old ones i gave them the year prior, so they always have fresh ones. i knit 90% of them in that very same pattern. my ends are sometimes wonky where i bind off too. but that is quickly fixed once you get the cotton wet and use it. Never worry about extra rows and mess ups with warshrags. :D they are for pure function and will always work depite and intresting designs you “add” to them *ahem*


  2. I love my dish cloths and use them often. It’s nice because the cotton is fairly inexpensive and it doesn’t take too long to get them finished.


  3. I am always looking for good patterns for dish clothes. They’ve been my current obsession. They are quick and easy to transport (and pull out when at work and it is slow and you have NOTHING to do). Note to self: Make sure knitting in bag!

    I use them for cleaning up the kitchen counters.


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