Well That Sucked

So, I work on the 5th floor of a 12 story office building. I had just gone down to the lower level to mail a letter when the fire alarm went off. Of course, I had intended to go downstairs and come right back up, so I didn’t have my bag with me.

When I went up to the main level and got outside I saw smoke pouring out from the service entry to the lower level! Now, I’d much rather be outside than stuck in the building if it’s on fire, but I hate standing around with nothing to do!

We were outside for almost an hour as 5 fire engines, several fire department trucks, a couple police cars and an ambulance arrived to take care of the fire. Do you know how nice it would have been if I had my knitting??? It’s a lovely morning and I would have loved to have this nice little break enjoying the weather and knitting! Obviously, I need to take my bag whenever I leave the office, just in case.

I’m not really sure what happened. The firefighters were putting out a fire in one of the big dumpsters inside the lower level entry, and I heard someone say something about an electrical fire. Now we’re back in the building and everything is alright, I guess. Unfortunately it still smells from whatever was on fire :| and it’s giving me a headache and bothering my eyes.

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Have a good weekend everyone :D

4 thoughts on “Well That Sucked”

  1. Nice post. I loved your calmness during a fire, especially an electrical one! and you’re standing outside thinking about your knitting. I think we really lack the calmness, the patience in ourselves today. I guess there is a lot I can learn from you in that regard.

    On a side note, I don’t know much about knitting but your work is amazingly beautiful. Do you sell your knittings?


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