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Knitting Projects

Sorry for the lack of posts recently; I haven’t been knitting very much lately :( But, I do have a few projects to show you that I’m working on right now.

These mittens are for the Soaring Eagles Project. I participated in this charity last year and made some hats. This year we’re knitting mittens and socks/slippers. I decided to knit mittens because I figured I’d be able to finish them faster and be able to get more done. Of course, that means I actually need to knit a bit more often than I have been!

Mittens - Soaring Eagles Project

Bernat Softee Chunky Twists in Tangerine Twists

The next charity project is the Friends of Frasier Fur Project which will benefit the Cat Care Society and the Good Samaritan Pet Center. Colorful Yarns is participating in this charity, which is where I got the yarn for this cat blanket (thanks Tiffany!).

Charity Cat Blanket

I know, totally hideous colors, but, the cats seem to like it (which is the most important thing):

Charlie & Kennedy w/Blanket

Plymouth Yarn Encore Mega Colorspun in Pinks/Purples

And finally, my last project is…another scarf! Nachaele invited me to join her, Kelly and Sam to knit on Wednesday night. The only problem was that I hadn’t brought any knitting with me that day! Obviously, that wasn’t very hard to resolve:

Blue Scarf

Malabrigo in Bijou Blue (Thanks, Nachaele!)

And, Nachaele got each of us a fun pair of socks!

Skull Socks

7 thoughts on “Knitting Projects”

  1. Great projects!! Love the colors of the mittens and the malabrigo scarf, and if the cats like the blanket, what else matters?!


  2. love the mittens…and the kittens sitting on the blanket.

    and ain’t it grand when life rears up and takes over, leaving you no time to do the things you truly enjoy (unless you truly enjoy life in which case this comment is null and void and it really IS grand).

    make it a fantastic weekend.


  3. I havent been in the “blogger world” for a while. Got in to Ravelry, and it sure has been time consuming! Are you on Ravelry as well? I am in as rekandjk, and also under my designer name, Randi K Design. Let me know if I can look you up there…
    I love your cats. Used to have persian show cats… before I met my allergic husband 16 years ago..

    The scarf in Malabrigo look great. I have to knit a scarf for my 19 year old step son, and it need to be a little masculin. This pattern could do it..
    I love Malabrigo yarn. Have you ever felted with it? It felts VERY fast, and is so soft.


  4. Wow – these socks rock big time! They’re super cool! And I so love all your knits, you’ve been doing such lovely work lately! What a cute kitty blanket – never mind the colors, as long as the furry noses love it it’s perfect indeed – and they seem to enjoy it big time!


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