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Soaring Eagles Project

Blue Mitten

I started another pair of mittens this weekend. This is the Warmest Mittens pattern, and I’m actually using DPNs! It’s always so awkward for me when I first start out, but after a few rows it’s gotten better.

I know December is only a week away, and most of you are knitting/crocheting crazily away on holiday gifts. But, if anyone is interested in some charity knitting, please check out the Soaring Eagles Project! We are knitting mittens and slippers for Elementary school children and it appears there won’t be enough items for each of the children :( I’m really hoping to make more mittens than I originally planned on, but I’ve been in a bit of a knitting funk lately, so I’m not sure if I’ll make it or not. If you are interested in knitting for this project, all items need to be mailed to Oklahoma by December 17th. Thanks for checking this out. If you can even make one pair of mittens or slippers, it would be greatly appreciated :)

By the way, I did finish the Cat Blanket last week, but I haven’t taken a picture of it yet. I didn’t really want to hurt your eyes with the crazy colors again 8O

10 thoughts on “Soaring Eagles Project”

  1. You were knitting on the kitty blankie at Stacy’s, right (she’d posted photos from the knit night)? I got Chloe’s blanket done and she loves it (when she’s sleeping in her [the guest] room).

    I love what you are doing for Soaring Eagles.


  2. Hey, the next time we get together we can look in the basement of SFB stuff that didn’t sell at the craft shows. I think I have some felted slippers in there that we can send.


  3. Oh, I wish I could offer to help!! I don’t know how to knit either option, but if it’s an annual thing, I’ll start early for next year!


  4. Your mittens are going to be so pretty – and they already look every bit as soft and warm and cozy as their name says! Thank you so much for the link to the charity – I will definitely check out what I can do from over here!


  5. I meant to tell you that your mittens look really good on the double points! I am using them (rare occasion) also on the sleeves of my Mr. Greenjeans. They aren’t so bad after you get used to them! :)


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