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Swirled Ski Cap is Finished

Swirled Ski Cap

Pattern: Caps for Kids Swirled Ski Cap (from the Knitting for Peace book)
Started: Sunday, January 13, 2008
Finished: Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Yarn: Berroco Comfort
Colors: Turquoise (9733) & Robins Egg (9714)
Needles: Size 8US & 7US
Knit for: Megan

I do think this is a really cute hat, and I hope Megan likes it! Unfortunately, I did make a couple minor mistakes. As usual, I picked up stitches wrong when I was knitting the brim. The little stripe when I changed colors should be on the inside of the hat, but I actually like this extra little stripe so I don’t mind it being on the outside :) Although I knew I was supposed to switch to the smaller needles for the brim, I picked up the wrong needles and knit half the brim with the larger size.

I’m working on some squares for a baby blanket for Stacey’s niece. I must get these done this weekend since Amelia was born last week!! Hopefully I’ll have more pictures tomorrow :)

15 thoughts on “Swirled Ski Cap is Finished”

  1. It looks fab! And I’m with you – I like the little extra stripe being visible on the outside. No doubt Megan will adore it!


  2. Great hat. Now I want Dairy Queen.

    but if it comes out of the drive through window with that color on top, I might have to think twice. Great color for a hat, but not so much for an ice cream topping.

    LOVE the pompom!!


  3. I just finished knitting the ski cap but I have to do the brim. I know how to pick up stitches, but I don’t know where I’m suppuse to do it. Do you pick up fron both the right & left side? When I do this, I end up with the stipes looking strange, because 2 white stripes are sewn together and 2 blue stripes are sewn tog. What is the secret of finishing this hat??? Please help.



  4. hello there,
    i love your cap you’ve done. It is exactly the idea i was looking for. I just want to ask you, if you can just give me any idea how to do it, how to start after the … right and left start. i would thank you so much.
    Barbara from Austria


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