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Pretty Yarn

Friday night I joined some friends at Colorful Yarns. I’ve been eying this yarn for a while, and finally found a good reason to buy it*:

HandMaiden Casbah Sock Yarn – It’s such a pretty color!

I thought it would be fun to join the rest of the girls in making squares for the Barn Raising Quilt from the Knitalong book:

I’m excited to get started on my squares! I can’t wait to see how the colors come out. This summer, all of us who knit squares will be exchanging them with each other. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

*I know, most people don’t need a good reason to buy yarn :)

12 thoughts on “Pretty Yarn”

  1. it is a gorgeous color! i understand the “needing” a good reason. i don’t care to buy yarn without knowing what it will become. :) i have three skeins still in my stash that have no project. the two from drops and the debbie bliss (in my stash at ravlery).


  2. I love the yarn that you chose….it’s so pretty and soft. I may rethink my yarn that I chose…it is a little on the obnoxious side. There are certain people who just would not fully appreciate the pinkness in that yarn. Hmmm….what should I do?


  3. LOVE that yarn. Do they have more? I might have to make another road trip.

    How have I missed the fact that Colorful Yarns carries Handmaiden products???


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