Cardi-Jacket & Book

So, I decided I’m going to try the Instant Gratification Cardi-Jacket for my “office sweater”. On Friday I picked up some Araucania Nature Cotton in Putty (#31) from Colorful Yarns.

The color in this picture is slightly washed out

Hopefully this will be a fast knit for me. It is called “Instant Gratification” after all…


I think I need to learn how to crochet. Look at this awesome book I got:

The creatures are so dang cute…and of course creepy!

11 thoughts on “Cardi-Jacket & Book”

  1. How’s that fast knit coming along? I need to explore these cute crocheted toys, since I HATED knitting the Ugly Bunny…


  2. That sweater should knit up quickly…especially since you are used to working on the hourglass sweater. The needles for the Instant Gratification are going to feel huge!


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