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Camp Wannaknitknit (part 2)

The first thing I saw when I walked into the house on Friday was all this beautiful yarn that Mary-Kay dyed recently!

I had a hard time deciding what color I wanted to buy. I finally chose this lovely color called “Drink Me”.

“Camp Wannaknitknit” from camp goodies

Although I didn’t finish all my barn raising squares in time for camp, I finished enough to trade with some of the other girls who had finished:

Squares made by: 1. Mary-Kay 2. Michelle 3. Kim (LOVE the beaded skull!) 4. Kelly 5. Jeni
Thank you, ladies! All of your squares look great :) Now I just need to finish 4 more squares with my HandMaiden Casbah…3 to trade and 1 for me.

I forgot to mention in my last post all the good food we ate over the weekend! Thank you so much to all of you who cooked such great meals for us!!! I knew Kim was making a Hawaiian dinner Saturday night, but she also surprised us with some cute stitch markers:

This weekend really brought my knitting mojo back! I could have had a completed sweater to show you, but I ran out of yarn before I could finish :( I had more yarn at home, just didn’t think to bring it with me! Oh well, maybe this weekend I’ll finish the other sleeve:

I am also really close to finishing the first sleeve for my Hourglass sweater:

6 thoughts on “Camp Wannaknitknit (part 2)”

  1. That is a great sweater. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Can I borrow some Knitting Mojo, now that you have yours back?


  2. I love that “drink me” colorway–so pretty!

    I’m glad your knitting mojo is back. I can’t believe how quickly that sweater knit up.


  3. Dang, I can’t believe you got that far on the cardi. i didn’t even realize that you’d run out of yarn. Hee! I think you may have a finished cardigan soon. Way to go!


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