This and That

After finishing my cardigan last week I found this cool Celtic shawl pin on Etsy. It seems to go pretty well with the cardigan:

I haven’t done much knitting since Friday night with the girls. However, Stacey received the buckets that were part of the Camp Wannaknitknit swag, so I did get play with some yarn this weekend.

Now I have a matching set :)

I finally purchased something sheepy! A few weeks ago I noticed a really cute zippered pouch that Stacey had with sheep on it. About a week later she conveniently mentioned that LouLouBell had another one for sale so I snapped it up!

11 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. Terrific pics, Terrie! How great that cardi looks probably does not compare to how it feels to wear. Wonderful work! And the pin is perfect. You really scored!


  2. I love the pin you picked. The sweater looks amazing on you. Dang!….Now I want to knit that. I love that sheep bag. Stacey is quite the enabler as you well know.


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