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Whiskers on Wednesday

Here’s Kennedy doing what she does best…lounging:

She’s a little annoyed that I’m taking pictures of her :) Kennedy isn’t as playful as Charlie, so we can usually find her sleeping or lounging – in her bed, on our bed, behind the couch or in the middle of the floor. You can’t quite see it in this picture, but I love the little black circle on Kennedy’s chin.

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6 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday”

  1. okay, i am a fan of the whiskers on wednesday! there is much cuteness going on in your house. my chole has a splotch on her chin, too. when she was a kitten it was a tiny little spot, it grew as she grew…too cute!


  2. *schnuzzle* Very cute.

    You know, I’ve not had Taffy or Purrcy pics on my blog in a very long time.

    I had better rectify that situation.


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