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Whiskers on Wednesday

Ok, so she doesn’t exactly have “normal” whiskers, but I had to include Paradise in a Whiskers on Wednesday post.

I don’t always like seeing animals dressed in clothes, but she just looks so cute in her little shirt and collar!

The second time we watched Paradise was the last 2 weeks of May. Unfortunately, we knew that she and her dad would be moving to California right after Memorial Day. What I didn’t know was how much I would miss her after she was gone!! I was so sad the day she left :( Luckily I’ve heard that Paradise is doing really well and she’s very happy in California :) Hopefully I’ll get some updated pictures of her soon to see how much she’s grown!

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7 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday”

  1. Such a cute little kitty!!

    Some friends of mine had a miniature doxie who, EVERY morning, would go to the shelf and pick out what she wanted to wear. If you tried to put something else on her (other than what she picked out), she really threw a fit.

    And she picked something different, nearly every single day.

    After she was dressed, she would make the “breakfast rounds” and come visit all of our front doors (this was in Bermuda, when we were living on the station itself, so she was in no danger wandering around).

    I’m glad Paradise is doing well.


  2. I love the little shirt! lol I can just imagine trying to wrangle one of mine into a little tee. I think I’d end up with a few scratch marks and some serious glares. ;-)


  3. You’re right – she does look very cute in her outfit! That’s a very swanky color. My dog’s going to be jealous. :)


  4. That photo is priceless, it’s a keeper. I think you improved Paradise’s appearance tenfold. Trouble is, animals seldom look that happy when you dress them. But the photo brings a chuckle to my face……..Cheryl


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