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Whiskers On Wednesday

Here’s an “action” shot of Kennedy playing. Both cats have such fun playing in or on bags :) Kennedy will play crazily for a couple minutes, then she has to rest. She’s so lazy!

Nathan was taking pictures and he said at one point she stopped with the bag handle covering her eyes. She looks a little evil with her glowing eyes.

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Whiskers on Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Whiskers On Wednesday”

  1. Cute photos! I hate that about flashes!! That is so funny that they like to be in bags, I think it would terrify Jasmine, she is more of a box kitty. :)


  2. Oh man, I think I’ve already told you but, Boo got his head stuck in the handle of a plastic shopping bag, and ran around the house like the crazy teenage cat he is. He was in a panic to get away from it, but couldn’t. I felt so bad, but I was laughing out of control!

    At least you got a picture of it!


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