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Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad *

Although I didn’t get a chance to start Charlie’s Kitty Pi Bed, I was able to finish my other 2 events for the Ravelympics!

Pattern: Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Started: Sunday, March 9th, 2008
Finished: Sunday, August 24th, 2008
Yarn: Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co.
Needles: US 6 circulars


I followed the pattern exactly, with one exception. I heard a lot of people say the neck was a bit wide, as written in the pattern, so I did 3 extra decrease rows before finishing the neckband.

Thank you for all your cheering and positive feedback! It really helped :)

Ravelympics was really a fun way to get me motivated and knitting more!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m almost finished reading Twilight, and I can’t wait to start New Moon!!

* Sorry, Meat Loaf popped into my head as soon as I thought of this title :)

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I'm Terrie and I enjoy paper crafting, cross stitch, knitting and sewing. I also love reading and spending time outside in nature!

22 thoughts on “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad * Leave a comment

  1. LOVE Meatloaf, so yes, the song popped in my head too…

    The sweater is lovely, and kudos on two of three. I managed 1.95 of four, or something of the sort. I could have cranked out the second hat if I’d stayed home yesterday morning, but… I was where I needed to be.


  2. Two out of three is very good, I only had one hat for the Tour de France and didn’t do even that :o)

    Your hourglass sweater looks really beautiful, that colour is pretty on you and it looks like a lovely fit. I must make this sweater, seems like it would be such a useful piece.


  3. CONGRATS!! On getting your gold! Gurl I could barely crank out 1 F.O. let alone too!

    Your Hourglass sweater is so pretty on you!


  4. Fabulous colour and the neckline is really flattering. Well done for getting it done. Ravelympics was a real burst of motivation for me too. I too had a meatloaf title, guess it goes with the territory.


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