R.I.P. III – Book 2

I finished reading Breaking Dawn today at lunch. It was awesome! I really enjoyed this book and I loved the ending.

I’m excited for the Twilight movie to come out on November 21st. I hope it stays pretty close to the storyline of the book. I tried not to look at very much information about the movie before I started reading Twilight, so of course, I picture the characters differently than the actors who are playing them. I hope that doesn’t bother me too much :)

Next up: Blaze by Richard Bachman

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. III – Book 2”

  1. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the last book as I’ve heard mixed things about it. I certainly hope for all the fans’ sake that the film doesn’t go too terribly wide of the story told in the books. There always are some changes that have to be made to make a book fit a film structure, but sometimes the choices that are made are well beyond ridiculous.


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