Snow Day

I’m sure you don’t need any more “distractions”, but this is fun website where you can create snowflakes!

Need a Snow Day?

I just love winter and snowflakes :)

4 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. i could do with some snow here, the entire city closes down. seriously! snow days as an adult are way better than when you were a kid!! however, it hasn’t even rained much this winter (which people think it always does in portland) so i can’t imagine we’ll be getting any city closing snow days this year…sigh…


  2. Oh, but I do need distractions. I have holiday knitting to do, you see, only it no longer appeals to me…


  3. Have you read Snowflake Bentley? It’s a children’s book about the person who first photographed snowflakes. It’s a great book. The book of snowflake pictures he published is also available.


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