Whiskers on Wednesday

I know it’s kind of late for a Whiskers on Wednesday post, but I couldn’t resist sharing these awesome apps for the iPhone. 

Moderncat posted about a cool game called Shivering Kittens. The game is similar to Tetris (which I love) and the music and sound effects are great!


Mochimochi Blog posted a link for a Japanese app called Mew Mew Tower…you stack cats and keep them balanced by tilting your iPhone to the left and right!


Now I really need an iPhone :D


Whiskers on Wednesday


You can check out more cat stories and pictures at
Whiskers on Wednesday.

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  1. Hmmmm…. sounds interesting. I’ve also heard that somewhere there are knitting applications for the iphone – like row counters. But more complex than row counters, because they can keep track of things like where you are in repeats, etc.


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