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I’m Back!

Sorry for the long silence. Sheesh, I can’t believe it’s been so long! So, what have I been up to? At the end of January I moved again…but this time into my very own home :D Nathan and I have been really busy with the move and getting everything set up in our new place. I don’t have any pictures to share since it’s not quite ready yet :)

I haven’t been knitting as much lately, but I still decided to join a lot of you in Ravelry’s NaKniSweMoDo! I’m not sure that I’ll actually finish a project each month, but I’ll see what I can do. I did complete Loppem for my January sweater.


Pattern: Loppem
Started: Monday, November 3, 2008
Finished: Sunday, January 25, 2009
Yarn: Berroco Palace in La Rocca Pisana
Needles: Size US 8

A couple weeks ago I went to see Coraline with some friends.  Fun night and a great movie!

3-D Glasses!

I started February Lady this month, but haven’t really gotten far enough to take pictures. I think things are finally getting back to normal, so hopefully I’ll be able to knit more and get back to blogging regularly!

17 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

  1. Congratulations on your new home! I bet it is so fun to decorate! :)

    Love your Loppem! Great job on the cables!

    I started the February Lady Sweater a couple of months ago. I need to get that out and work on it!

    Miss you!


  2. yer lucky! i was born with broken eyeballs and can’t see stuff in 3d

    hope you had a happy valentines terrie and hope you loved your bag!


  3. Glad you are back and I hope you are loving your new home. I love your Loppem sweater. I have a friend who is knitting that for her daughter in a lime green, nice to see how it turns out……..


  4. Loppem is lovely. Hmm tempted to make one myself… same for FLS. Congrats on the new home. Hope you are getting settled in the new place. Fun night watching Coraline – it was good to catch up in person. Hugs, Sam xoxo


  5. Congrats on the move, hope you have it all straight soon. Love your Loppem and one sweater for the year so far is more than I’ve managed :o)


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