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That’s Not Where I Left It

I hope you all had a good weekend! I did, and I was even able to work on some knitting! On Saturday I finished another Barn Raising Square…this one’s for you, Wanda :) I still have 3 more to make so I cast on for another one and worked a few rows before putting it down.

There’s a secret project I needed to start, so I went upstairs to get the yarn. Of course, I hadn’t wound it yet, so I had to set up the swift and ball winder. The first skein went just fine…the second one was a bit tricky. The skein was pretty knotty, so Nathan had to help out. Finally I was ready to get back to knitting. When I went downstairs, this is what I saw:

At first glance, Charlie may just look like an adorable kitty sitting on the chair. However, looking more closely, you’ll notice my Piddly bag is tipped on it’s side and there’s yarn trailing out of the picture.


And through the living room, into the kitchen…

Square Heart

Until she apparently couldn’t go any further. Isn’t this a cute little heart Charlie left for me? Luckily my knitting was not harmed in this little adventure.

Now, I know I can’t leave my knitting or yarn lying around because Charlie loves to play with it. I thought I would quickly be upstairs and back down before she had a chance to do anything. Just another reminder that I must put everything away before leaving Charlie alone!


When I started my other project, Charlie decided she’d better stay close in case there was anything she could help me with :)


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11 thoughts on “That’s Not Where I Left It”

  1. Charlie had the ‘oh too innocent’ look! Glad the knitting survived its adventure. My girls leave my knitting pretty much alone which as I’m very messy is a good thing!


  2. I’m glad other people have that problem with pets, although so far, it seems the girls have either learned or out-grown their yarn fascinations.


  3. That’s a pretty good trick to get the project & yarn that far from the bag & ball of yarn! LOL

    I’m glad that your knitting wasn’t harmed in the incident. :)


  4. I thought the “heart” looked more like an apple..!
    Cute cat!
    Yes, I had a nice trip, and soon I am off to Denver/Estes Park..


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