12 thoughts on “Temple Cats Hat”

  1. Charlie and the hat are both lovely and do have very similar colorings, so I see her confusion. (Or yours. If Sissy was here, she’d insist YOU are the one who is confused… the hat MUST be for Charlie.)

    However, that bag… did I miss a Piddleloop pattern!? Surely had I seen that fabric, I would have snatched it up!


  2. I love it, love it, love it. Charlie loves it too. I am so happy to see the photos, can’t wait to see you wearing it. If this weather keeps up, it might be soon, right????


  3. i ABSOLUTLEY adore the photos for this post (and not just cause that’s one of our bags) love love love love love love love love
    i also think your hat will be super cute when you finish it!

    (and if you have a spare moment i have a group http://www.flickr.com/groups/piddleloop/ you can put that in there so it’s easily enjoyed :D )


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