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How Old Is Your Cat?

Catster has a great article on how to calculate your cat’s age in cat years.

It turns out that cats are not 7 “human” years for every calendar year. They actually age more rapidly during the first 2 years of their life, and then it evens out to about 4 cat years for every calendar year. The article also has a nice description of a cat’s life span and indicators of a cat’s age.

According to the chart above, Kennedy is 60 cat years and Charlie is 64 cat years! How old is your cat?

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “How Old Is Your Cat?”

  1. Dogster had the canine version up last week, and our vet uses a chart that illustrates the same point… Sissy is in her early 20s. Gretchen, her late teens… I believe both are quite accurate, although Sis is one of those gals who isn’t going to slow down before she’s 80!


  2. We adopted our kitty from the shelter just last year and were told that he’s 10 years old, so I guess he’s in the 56~60 car year range. He sure acts pretty young and is pretty active though!

    Looking at the chart really shows you much you extend the life of a cat by keeping them indoors. Our Frank has to stay indoors because his previous owners gave him a tendonectomy, and since we wanted an indoor-only cat, it worked out for us that he has to be inside.

    I hope our Frank lives to be an aaaaaancient ancient kitty :)


  3. Thanks Terrie……we have 3 cats, they are all one year apart in age. So we have a 44 yo, a 48 yo, and Shamus is 52…..The sad truth is that they are all younger than we are…….but if they are healthy and we are healthy, they could all be older than us someday soon………


  4. My goodness, how interesting. Purrcy and Taffy are inside cats and are almost 5 years old. That means they are coming up on 36 years.

    Gee, you think Purrcy would be a little less scatterbrained…


  5. My girls and I were just talking about this recently! Our babies are going to be 3 so that puts them at about 28 yrs! Very interesting! Thanks for the info!:O)


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