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Virtual Prayer Shawl

The photo above was taken a couple of years ago; my sister is standing with her caretaker, Jason, and his wife Kristy.

We recently found out that Jason has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia! This is usually a childhood disease and, sadly, at Jason’s age it has a POOR prognosis.

The staff who work for Jason have planned ahead for 3 months to cover all the shifts so my sister and the other residents can stay in his home.  Jason’s parents are also caregivers and they will try to cover the daytime shifts while caring for their own residents.

I think I’ll knit something for Jason, but I haven’t decided yet what it will be. I know how wonderful this community is when it comes to helping people out. I would simply like to ask you all to please pray, think healing thoughts, and generally send good vibes for Jason and his family.

Thank you so much! I hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Mothers Day!

12 thoughts on “Virtual Prayer Shawl”

  1. Jason is having his 2nd round of chemo this week. He also had his bone marrow checked to be sure the treatments are working. He plans to be at home by today – with a mask to avoid infection from friends and family – but still is not up to caring for his residents. Carrie misses his hugs!! Praise the LORD for his Mom, Ruth, and his staff.


  2. Sending up prayers for Jason and all those who care about him… and especially for his residents who have to be very concerned and confused!


  3. Terrie~I will pray for Jason and put him on my church pray list, if that is ok with you. I will pray for his family as well. Please give your sister a big hug. You are so sweet. know you will come up with something great.


  4. I’m so so sorry! Many prayers for their family and yours.

    My Mom is facing another reoccurrence of her merkell cell carcinoma. I’ll be on my way there later this month but she seems to be doing okay for now. They think they caught it earlier than last time. Still, it’s NEVER easy to see someone go through something like this. ((((Big Hugs))))


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