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Waiting For Treats

I think Charlie is addicted to treats! LOL She just can’t get enough of them. Her favorite treats are Whole Life Pure Meat Chicken Treats. Unfortunately for her, they come in a plastic, zip-lock top bag which sounds like a lot of other items we take out of the pantry! Whenever she hears a “bag noise” she comes running over.

Where are the treats?

Sadly, this time I was just getting some raisins for my oatmeal. Even after letting them smell the bag, they still think I have treats.

Patiently waiting...

Which typically means I’ll have to give them a few treats when I go back to the pantry!

Did you get any treats?

I have to share this video of an adorable kitten taking a bath. I would love to have a sphynx someday :)

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “Waiting For Treats”

  1. GREAT photos! Love the kitty playing in the water. My last cat was a siamese mix, and he loved to hang out on the tub (garden tub with lots of safe spots to perch) while I bathed!


  2. Hey, you’ve updated your website!! I like the new look. It’s so bright when you first “open the page”! I’ll try to remember to show Carrie your cats on Saturday. Love YOU!


  3. See how well that they have you trained? Every time you open a zip top bag, you have to give them a treat.

    I can’t say that I am much better, myself.


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