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A Hat and the WIP Cup

Thank you so much for all your prayers and positive thoughts for Jason! He’s doing really well this week and his counts are good. His next round of chemo will be on Tuesday, May 24th.

I stopped by Knit Knack at lunch yesterday to pick up some yarn for a hat and look who hung around while I chose the colors:

I’m going to knit the Halfdome hat for Jason. Since it’s almost June in Wisconsin, I don’t think he’ll need to have his ears covered!

I bought Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in navy and off-white and plan on starting the hat this weekend.

Next month I’ll be joining other knitters in the WIP Cup on Ravelry. It coincides with the World Cup and although I’m not really interested in soccer, I think this will be a great motivation to finish up some projects! Between June 11th and July 11th, I WILL finish my Salina and February Lady sweaters.

Nathan is feeling better, too! Thanks for all the well wishes :)

3 thoughts on “A Hat and the WIP Cup”

  1. That’s the first I’ve notice WIP Cup… I should look into that!

    Glad Jason is doing well! Love the sales clerk watching over you at the LYS.


  2. Glad to know Jason is doing well. I hope he continues to respond to his treatment. I am sure he’ll appreciate the cap.

    Like the title of the WIP Cup. If I were more a lover of soccer, I would totally sign up. Although most of the current projects are big ones (except for the second bunny). Hmmm, now I’m thinking. :)

    Glad those nurse kitties also took care of Nathan and he’s feeling better, too. Sick is no fun. Was just there myself.


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