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Camp WannaKnitKnit

This past weekend my friends and I had our annual knitting weekend. We had a new member this year…Sam’s daughter Naomi!

The house we stayed in

Lots of space for knitting

All of us knitters

Isn’t Naomi adorable?!? She was the best baby, too. She was really happy and almost never got fussy! Everyone had fun holding her and that gave Sam a chance to knit, too :)

The lovely view

It was another fun weekend at Camp WannaKnitKnit! The house was really nice and had a lot of comfy places to knit. We also watched a few movies and  enjoyed yummy food and snacks that everyone shared. Thank you, Sam, for the awesome pictures! I’ll post the fun goodies we received and my FO later :)

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I'm Terrie and I enjoy paper crafting, cross stitch, knitting and sewing. I also love reading and spending time outside in nature!

6 thoughts on “Camp WannaKnitKnit Leave a comment

  1. It looks like everyone had a great time! Hello Naomi! So exciting to see you! And Stacey! I am going to tell Chan I will go to a beach house!


  2. Terrie~have you heard about paper back swap? I think it is that all together and .com you get books delivered to your home. Pooch has the link on her site yarnknitreadlit along the side if you are interested FYI I know you are a reader.


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