Charlie, Kennedy, WoW


We received a package in the mail that had these great strips of tissue paper as cushioning.

Charlie likes it when all the paper is in the box and she can go in and dig some of it out. She’s quite happy to spend some of her time in here, and some on the couch :)

Kennedy will go into the box sometimes, too, but she really liked it when all the paper was out and she could hide in it.

“Where are you going, Charlie?”

“I’ll get you!”

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Nesting”

  1. Those are great pics! My cats are too chicken to play in a box! They seemed to be
    spooked for some reaosn, and have been since they were kittens. I swear we didn’t do anything but give them a two story house to destroy! :P Go figure!


  2. Cute. We were just noting last week that Sissy doesn’t give a hoot about boxes (as entertainment) anymore. Boooo!


  3. Cute photos! My kitty loves tissue paper too – he goes crazy just scratching on it and goes bonkers over the rustling noise. He’s a little cautious about boxes though.


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