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Last Knits of 2010

I have 2 small knitting projects I finished last month. In November my MIL, Anne, said she liked a hooded cowl she saw in a catalog. She said she’d love it if I could knit it for her, or at least buy it for her for Christmas. Of course, I knew I would knit it for her. Unfortunately she couldn’t find a picture of the cowl she liked, and I wanted the cowl to be somewhat of a surprise for her, so I decided to knit the Pashmina Cowl from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s a very simple, but lovely cowl that goes with anything.

After deciding on the pattern, I had a little trouble finding the right yarn. Anne is allergic to wool, but I still wanted to use a nice, soft yarn for the cowl. I’m very lucky to have several LYS’s in the area and I looked at a couple of them before finding this Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton.

Pattern: Pashmina Cowl by Joelle Hoverson
Needles: US 9 Circular
Started: December 12, 2010
Completed: December 25, 2010
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton – Stone colorway

We finally got some snow and cold weather last week. Anne let me know she wore her cowl on Thursday and she loved it; she said it was wonderful and warm! That’s what I like to hear :)

I purchased 3 skeins of the worsted cotton for the cowl, but I only used 2, so I had 1 skein left to play with. Conveniently, Blue Sky Alpacas had recently released a free pattern for these cool mitts!

Pattern: One Cable Mitts by Valerie Teppo
Needles: US 9 DPNs
Started: December 19, 2010
Completed: December 30, 2010
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton – Stone colorway

Charlie wasn’t bothered by the snow or cold. She likes to know what’s going on!

I just love her little footprints :)

7 thoughts on “Last Knits of 2010”

  1. Both projects look awesome, but that last photo is super-sweet. I love pawprints in the snow or sand!


  2. Love your cable-knit mitts. Not sure if I would like finger tips uncovered, but I love the look of the cable stitch! What is a cowl? Does alpaca cotton mean it is cotton that feels LIKE alpaca?


  3. The footprints are precious. A few weeks after we had to euthanize our 9 yo cat,Bailey, we received and adorable clay casting of her footprint. It sits right next ro her picture. It was such a sweet and thoughtful remembrance from our vet.


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