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Birdie Sling Bag

On Saturday I got together with Sam, Stacey and Genia to do some sewing! A very big thank you to Sam (and her husband) for letting us take over their dinning room for the day :) Also a big thank you to Stacey and Genia for bringing the sewing machines and to Stacey for helping us make the Birdie Sling Bag!

Sam and Genia sewing their interior pockets.

Two weeks ago we went shopping for fabric and it took me quite a while to decide on something. I really like the fabric I ended up with and it was fun putting everything together on Saturday.

The best part was the finished bag I had by the end of the day! I love my new bag!! And check out Sam’s bag here…I just love the flower she added! I may have to give that a try, too :)

Thank you, ladies, for the fun day of sewing!!

8 thoughts on “Birdie Sling Bag”

  1. Insanely cute bags!! Too bad I don’t know how to sew, don’t have custody of my sewing machine and don’t have time to correct either one right now.


  2. Wow! How fun! My sewing machine is a big paperweight, but to have friends there to share the fun has to be the best! Love your bag! Where do you like to shop for fabrics?


  3. That bag turned out great. I like the fabric you decided to use, too. Good project to try on the sewing machine! Who comes up with these great ideas?


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