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Sewing Pretty with Hello Kitty!

Last weekend my friends and I got together for our annual knitting retreat. Yes, I know I’m a bit late posting this :)

This year some of us worked on a sewing project. Stacey was, yet again, our wonderful teacher. She showed us how to make these cute little zippered pouches:

Since I don’t have my own sewing machine. Stacey was kind enough to bring an extra machine that I could use:

Isn’t this the cutest sewing machine!?! It worked really well, too, and was pretty quiet. Sewing the zipper was certainly the trickiest part of this project, but it’s a great little pouch and so fun to finish something!

Here we are just getting ready to start:

Thank you, Sam, for taking these great pictures!

I also finished the Airy Scarf  last weekend, which you can see on my Ravelry Page.

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I'm Terrie and I enjoy paper crafting, cross stitch, knitting and sewing. I also love animals, reading and spending time outside in nature! When I'm online, you can usually find me on Instagram @starspry

11 thoughts on “Sewing Pretty with Hello Kitty! Leave a comment

  1. oooh they all came out so great! i wish i could have been there sewing with y’all.. altho i might have had to fight you to use the hello kitty machine just once!

    (still cant wait til august to come out there!!!!)


  2. I LOVE that sewing machine! If I was still an avid sewer, I would be all over it and charging my credit card this very moment, but I don’t think I work in fabric enough to make it worthwhile now, sadly.


  3. I would love to know what zipper foot u used..I have the same machine and I need the right zipper foot..thank you


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