National Pink Day!

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I just found out this morning that it’s National Pink Day! Sadly, I didn’t know about this sooner or I could have been more prepared. I’m not even wearing any pink today!

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After doing a little research, I didn’t really find out too much about National Pink Day. But, I thought it was a good excuse to post some pretty pink pictures :)

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I do like this definition that I found at Urban Dictionary:

a day in which you are so happy and preppy that you decide that today or any other day will be national pink day in which you will be happy and merry and most importantly, wear pink!

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Today is also a good time to mention that Pantone has picked Honeysuckle as the 2011 Color of the Year!

4 thoughts on “National Pink Day!”

  1. I surely didn’t know… I’m not wearing pink either, which is a bit unusual. Gretchen has pink on though – her collar – always…


  2. My second favorite color is pink. And National Pink Day is on my birthday. Time to celebrate!


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