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What I’ve Been Up To…

Sending a huge thank you to Marsha for making this happen!

Yes, I now have my very own sewing machine! I know it’s not as cute as the Hello Kitty machine, but I did get to use it one more time before getting the Brother above:

Sam had a few of us over to make these cute Advent Calendars. We lined the back and pockets with some fun Christmas-y fabric. Since I was using the Hello Kitty machine, there was already some great pink thread in the bobbin. I love how it looks quilty on the back!

Stacey’s sister and sister-in-law recently got the same Brother sewing machine, so we all got together for a little class on how to thread our machines and do some practice sewing. Stacey and her mom picked up some fun fabrics and showed us how to make these little practice bags:
Fancy Tiger Crafts had their Five Year Anniversary sale last month. I got this cute fat quarter of their fabric, but didn’t quite know what to make with it. Based on the practice bags we made a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make this knitting project bag:

I wasn’t quite sure how to add the polka-dot fabric as the lining, but it worked well enough. It stands up nicely and now I have a cute little project bag for my Baktus scarf.

Ever since making the little zippered pouches at Camp in May, I’ve been wanting to make one that matches my Birdie Sling Bag. I finally gave it a try this weekend. In fact, the last 2 projects I worked on this past weekend I did all by myself with my new machine!

I still need to practice lining everything up and sewing an even, straight line, but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. My sewing machine came with a zipper foot and it was awesome! Sewing the zipper on was really easy compared to last time when I just had to use the regular foot for everything.

I do need to get a 1/4″ foot sometime because I think that would be easier to sew with and help me keep the fabric lined up properly.

6 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To…”

  1. Congrats!! I’m thoroughly impressed. I used to have an Advent calendar like that… it had a big ol’ felt tree on the top and little ornaments with velcro on the back… Maybe if I learn to sew I can recreate it for myself…


  2. So happy you have your own machine now. Looks like you are off to a great start as a sewer. Yes, a 1/4″ foot is a must have for small projects and quilting. We are missing you at knitting on Tuesdays.


  3. It seems as if many people are moving to sewing these days. A friend of mine is a master seamstress. She has been sewing for over forty years and truly loves it still. Terrie, your creations are so cute! I have a sewing machine and you are making me want to get it out! Last things I made were a few aprons for my daughter and granddaughters a couple of Christmases back. Those bags are darling. Good job on the zipper.


  4. Ohh, now that is one beauty of a machine! Mine is older than I am, so I’m quite jealous of all those fancy stitches and functions. Definitely makes me want to get back to sewing… It’s been quite a while!


  5. WOW!!! How do you rate getting a sewing machine from a friend’s mother?! You do great work, at least from this view. Keep it up! The machine looks expensive with all those choices – does it use “cams” or is there a computer inside?


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