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Denver Vacation

Wow! I didn’t realize I’ve been absent from blogging for so long! Things have been crazy at work lately, but I was able to take last week off and spend time with my parents. They arrived on a cold, rainy Saturday, but for the rest of the week we enjoyed beautiful, 70° weather :)

Nathan joined us on Sunday for a drive to Estes Park and through some of Rocky Mountain National Park where we watched elk herds grazing in the meadow.

Nathan had school and work the rest of the week so my parents and I spent our days in Denver. On Monday we went to the Botanic Gardens.

On 3 separate days we tried out the bike trails nearby…Cherry Creek, South Platte River and Sand Creek Regional Trail. Both the Cherry Creek and South Platte River trails are paved and wonderful to ride on. The Sand Creek Regional Trail is right by my house and goes through lovely cottonwood groves. Unfortunately, this trail is gravel and much more tiring to bike on :)

One day we took a walking tour of the Capital Hill area. It was nice to learn about some of the buildings on this tour since I work in the area and see them all the time!

We even got to spend some time with Nathan’s family which was very nice. Thanks for coming to visit us last week, Mom and Dad! We had a great time :)

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