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Baktus Scarf

Here’s my first FO of the year!

Pattern: Baktus by Strikkelise
Started: July 14, 2011
Completed: January 13, 2012
Yarn: Red Rocks Fiber Works Aspen

I only used 1 skein of RRFW, so I had to weigh the yarn before I stared knitting. Once I used about 1/2 of the skein I started the decreases. This was a great project for group knitting, but I got a little paranoid with how much yarn I was using :) I didn’t want to use too much of the yarn on the increases and have to undo some of my knitting so I could start the decreases. I actually ended up with a little yarn remaining. I would like to knit a square for the barn-raising quilt, but I don’t think I have quite enough yarn left over.

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I'm Terrie and I enjoy paper crafting, cross stitch, knitting and sewing. I also love reading and spending time outside in nature!

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  1. Beautiful why is it every time omelne make a Bantus they never count the stitches they have on the needled befor the decrease? I have asked a ton of people, I feel like a rookie because I don’t have a scale. Do you happen to know the amount of stitches you had at the widest point? I would be forever grateful thanks Jodo


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